Spring Cleaning Car Checklist

March 15th, 2018 by

Spring cleaning is not just for your house. Cars and garages get a lot of wear and tear during winter months and need a little TLC when spring rolls around. Find our 5 steps to get your car clean for spring below. Extra credit if you clean out the garage too.


5 Steps to Get Your Car Clean for Spring

STEP 1 – Remove Everything

The first thing that you should do when spring cleaning your car is remove everything, including any floor mats, seat covers, and organizational tools. Now is the time to make sure floor covers and seat covers get a thorough wash and extra items that have been stored in your car unnecessarily are put away somewhere else. When it’s time to put your belongings back in, be strict. Only necessary items like a car emergency kit should make their way back in. Not only will removing clutter keep your car more organized but reducing weight from your vehicle can help to increase fuel economy.

STEP 2 – Deep Clean Upholstery and Carpeting

While everything is out of your vehicle, take some time to deep clean your upholstery and carpeting as this is the area of your interiors that gets the most beat up in winter thanks to dirty shoes. First, vacuum up any loose debris. Follow that with a car upholstery cleaning product to lift up any stains if necessary. If there are lingering odors in your vehicle, we like to scrub baking soda into the upholstery and carpeting and let it sit for an hour to trap smells before removing the baking soda with a vacuum.

STEP 3 – Deep Clean Center Console and Trunk

The center console and the trunk of your vehicle are also common places that collect grime. These areas should be cleared after step one. We like to use a car cleaning product and a cheap toothbrush to really get into the corners of the center console and get everything nice and clean. We also use these products to try and clean any scratches in the trunk area.

STEP 4 – Wash and Wax the Exterior

Perhaps the most important step in the spring cleaning process is making sure any salt, dirt, and sand that made its way on to your vehicle in the winter is removed. Don’t forget to clean the undercarriage too to prevent rust on expensive vehicle parts. After everything is squeaky clean and dry, apply a fresh coat of wax.

STEP 5 – Add Organization and Protection

Now that your car is clean from the inside out, it’s time to start putting items back inside. If you don’t already have rubber floor mats and seat covers, now is a great time to pick some up at your local Volkswagen dealership. They make the cleaning process a lot easier and help to keep your original interiors stain free which can add value to your car during the trade in process.

Let us know what other things you like to do to get your car ready for spring in the comments!

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