Performance Volkswagen Rebranded

Baxter Volkswagen

Find out about our rebranding and why
you should choose Baxter, Omaha's
premier dealership group.

The Baxter dealership group has long been a staple of the Omaha area, however, not all dealerships in the auto group have lived under the Baxter name. Performance Volkswagen here in La Vista is one dealership that, while it has always been a part of the group, has existed under different branding. We understand this has been a bit confusing for our customers, but rest assured things have just gotten much more simple. Here at Performance Volkswagen we are now Baxter Volkswagen La Vista. Though we have a new name, we want to ensure all of our loyal customers that our dealership still remains the same.

When you step foot into our Omaha-area Volkswagen dealership, you will find the same high-level of service and the same wonderful staff you have come to know over the past 10 years. Our rebranding is simply in the name, allowing our customers to know us as a single Baxter entity rather than multiple dealerships. After all, as part of the Baxter auto group we are all one family business which simply exists through multiple locations. Now our customers can see our dealership. As part of a larger group. Our dealership location will continue bringing professional, quality service. Our staff will remain unchanged and we still offer the incredible Volkswagen product so many people have come to love.

We may have changed our name from Performance Volkswagen to Baxter Volkswagen, but that is the only difference you will find when you visit our dealership. Even though we were always a part of the Baxter auto group, now we fall under the same name as the rest of our dealership family. Whether you have been with our dealership for years or you are simply looking for a new place to do business, we invite you to visit not only our La Vista location, but also our other dealership locations across the Omaha, NE area. Come experience the Baxter difference.